Community Groups

What are they?

Community Groups are the foundations of our church. They are small groups of people who meet in homes across Chesterfield. Everyone is welcome – Christian or not. We believe that relationship building is of paramount importance and the Community Groups aim to do this.

What happens there?

A number of activities take place and the combination of these can change week by week according to the needs of the group. The emphasis is on worship, bible study, evangelism and fellowship. The groups will also have social events from time to time such as having meals together. Participation by all members is encouraged.

What are they trying to achieve?

They are intended to enable Christian growth to take place and are for members to be able to develop their giftings in a relaxed atmosphere among friends. Also, they foster discipleship, accountability and relationship building that cannot be done at a meaningful level in the Sunday celebration.

How big are they?

They vary in size but we usually have a maximum of about 8-12 people and then the group may multiply.

Which Group would I go to?

The one that you like the most. Take a look at the table below; although the Groups have the same purpose they all have their own distinct style.

Where are they?

Below are the details of the existing Community Groups. Please make contact on the phone or at church if you want to join in with one of the Groups – you will be made very welcome.




Community Groups Monday, Tuesday or Thursday 19:30 contact us for venues 07769 535524
Day Time Community group Tuesday 10am at New Street Centre 07769 535524
Thursday Group (CBSI)
Thursday 10:30 at the New Street Centre
07769 535524
Monthly Prayer Meeting Third Tuesday of the month 19:30  at the New Street Centre 07769 535524