Hope Rescue Centre in Bucharest, Romania 

The Hope Rescue Centre Association was officially launched at the Crystal Tower in Bucharest on 12th December 2015 and gained accreditation on 1st February 2016.

Mike and Dana Zaharia, along with Chris and Pat Calow, are the founding members of the association.
The purpose of the Hope Rescue Centre is to bring hope to underprivileged people by offering physical, emotional, educational and spiritual resources that will help them become responsible citizens. Our actions are based upon Christian values and principles.

Last December a team of 8 people from Chesterfield CitP travelled to Bucharest and helped in the distribution of presents to children living in two locations – India and Ferentari. These are areas where families are living in dire conditions – one child was heard to say ‘This is the first time that Santa has visited us’.

In July a team from a church in America will take 35 children from these ghettoes on a camp in the mountains – this will possibly be the first time away from home and outside of Bucharest. Hopefully a life-changing opportunity. Please pray for the team and the children.

There are plans for an Easter project, food bank  and sports activities for the young people. We will need a day care centre that will deal with the most urgent needs, also the place where people will be socially evaluated. Long term a container village will house needy families and HRC will look at ways of creating employment opportunities on a farm or small factory.

This is a big dream but we are realistic and we understand that making anything good takes time.
We believe that God will send the right people to partner with us in ministry.
CitP is actively supporting this project and there will be further opportunities this year to visit and support the work on a mission trip.

For more information on this great project: http://eng.hrc.org.ro/


Smiles Vision Project in Romania

In July 2004, Chris, a local Christian man (now a member of Church in the Peak Chesterfield) was encouraged by two Christian friends to visit Romania on a Smiles Foundation mission trip. Several years before, he had felt God speaking to him about visiting Romania.

As Chris was an optometrist he took with him a very basic kit for checking people’s eyes and on this trip God showed him the huge needs that people had, living in dreadful conditions not seen here in the UK since the 19th century. Many had a great hunger to read their bibles and he could provide the means to do that. God is obviously in this because He provided the people to help and the means to progress the Vision Project, and also started to reveal the vision He had for the future.

In the early days Chris visited families with the two Smiles doctors and also spent time working in a poor village, Gepiu. Meanwhile, the Smiles Foundation was building a school, medical centre and church in the village of Tileagd, ten miles east of Oradea, to support a gypsy community on the edge of the village. This was fully opened in June 2008. The Vision Project had now found a new base, comprising a consulting room, a workshop and a store room.

From 2005 Chris’s wife, Pat, was able to accompany him and she now oversees the manufacture of glasses in the workshop. It had always been part of the vision to employ people from the local gypsy community and Aurica, a young Christian woman, was chosen. She had had no schooling but Margaret, a missionary from the UK, taught her to read and write. Chris then taught Aurica fractions, decimals and spectacle prescriptions and she is now a valued member of the team.

Since retiring from work in 2012 Chris and Pat have been making extended trips to Romania including a three month trip in 2013. Their ministry has extended to other parts of Romania and Russian Moldova and they have teamed up with a Calvary church in Bucharest.
God is still meeting the needs of the project. An optometrist who works in Chesterfield is very interested in helping out in Romania and links have been developed with an ophthalmologist at an Oradea teaching hospital.

The Smiles Foundation is now based mainly in the village of Cihei, on the outskirts of the city of Oradea, which is about 15 minutes drive from the border with Hungary, in the west of Romania and the aim for the future is to continue to provide low cost glasses to the poor of Romania and to share the love of Christ with all. (John 13: 34)

East Sahara

Jack and Claire are working on 'water' projects and low key evangelism. For more information please contact James Wright


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