• We are a lively Newfrontiers Church that meets near Queens Park in  Chesterfield. We want our worship to be creative and biblical, in line with Isaiah 58, because worship is expressed as who we are as people, not just what we do on a Sunday morning.          

    We want to be a people who...

    • Extend ourselves to those in need, helping to repair lives and share God's love
    • Become like a well watered garden, able to refresh one another in love
    • Are building something new that will reflect all that God has done in the past
    • Give without reservation, seeing everything we have as a gift from God, given for the benefit of us all

    And by God’s grace in our lives it will be so!


  • Adrian's Address (December 2019)

    In this (hopefully) brief time when I am the only elder, I would like to put forward that it will be a joint effort with the wider leadership team and those of you who hold areas of responsibility within our church. I value your support and want to thank you for this. I would ask that you too try to step up and fill the gaps where you are able. Above all, please communicate. We can only address those things that we are aware of, so don't carry concerns yourselves when you can be supported by a church family and leadership team. Together we can help each other and share the load.

    You are welcome to join us on Sundays at 10.30am.

    December 1st - Mark Webb-Sear

    December 8th - James Wright

    December 15th - Barry Killick

    December 22nd - Carol Service at 4pm

    December 29th - Dave Newman, Family Service

    After the meeting please join us for tea, coffee, juice and biscuits in the café area

    December 8th Prayer meeting 6pm at church.
    December 17th Prayer meeting 7.45pm at church


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