• We are a lively Newfrontiers Church that meets near Queens Park in  Chesterfield. We want our worship to be creative and biblical, in line with Isaiah 58, because worship is expressed as who we are as people, not just what we do on a Sunday morning.          

    We want to be a people who...

    • Extend ourselves to those in need, helping to repair lives and share God's love
    • Become like a well watered garden, able to refresh one another in love
    • Are building something new that will reflect all that God has done in the past
    • Give without reservation, seeing everything we have as a gift from God, given for the benefit of us all

    And by God’s grace in our lives it will be so!


  • Dave’s Deliberations (September 2019)

    was reading today about Elijah, a man like us with the same passions, fears, foibles etc. He lived for God in a Godless age in Israel, with a repetition of evil rulers. Now being led by Ahab and his evil wife Jezebel, the world of Elijah looked hopeless and devoid of God and Godly influence. Does that ring any bells for us and our society? Things can often appear hopeless and without solution but remind yourself, “Nothing is too difficult for God.”  “Have the faith of God”, pray things through, take courage and stand firm in your faith. Ask those you know that are having trials and difficulties to stand with you in your hour of need. God will be with you and help you when things look bad and know that if you have come this far you can go even further.  God bless you and sustain you, be of good courage as you face trials of many kinds!

    You are welcome to join us on Sundays at 10.30am.

    September 1st  James Wright

    September 8th Barry Killick

    September 15th Dave Newman

    September 22nd Barry Killick

    September 29th Dave Newman

    After the meeting please join us for tea, coffee, juice and biscuits in the café area

    September 8th Prayer meeting 6 -7pm at church
    September 17th Prayer meeting 7.45pm at church


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